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We are experts at listening to the quiet whispers and the urgent pleas, the language your body speaks to you in. We will guide you to respond to the needs of your body with elegance and ease. You will gain a new and enticing relationship with wholesome, real foods, while also deeply investigating and rebalancing the physiological functions of your body's inner workings. We specialize in digestion and food sensitivities and we'd love to support you on your healing journey.

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Are you ready to feel better, more stable, and more in control? Our programs will help you calm chronic digestive symptoms and overwhelming food sensitivity reactions. We can help you stabilize spiraling health problems and get back to enjoying your life.

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Nourish + Flow Program

In this self-paced online program, gain the wisdom and skills you need to make wise food choices and stabilize and improve your health for years to come. 

  • Lifetime access to all course materials and all future updates. 
  • Lifetime access to our online community, monthly themes and challenges, and an ongoing support system. 

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Monthly Membership

We'll explore your symptoms, food journals, supplement strategies and support you into the next level of your journey.

  • Start with food and lifestyle upgrades. Personalized supplement review and recommendations.
  • Review of your doctor lab tests for the last year is included.   

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1-Year Deep Healing

The delicate digestive system often needs fine tuning. We are experts at identifying exactly what parts of the digestive system are struggling, and why.

  • Pathogen eradication, liver detox, improved digestion.
  • More reliable, less painful digestion.
  • Stabilize your rollercoaster of complex symptoms.
  • Calm food reactivity, chronic pain, stress.

Includes 3 lab tests!

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"I highly recommend taking Liz's online nutritional program. Nourish + Flow breaks everything down for you, step-by-step, making it easy for you to create healthier lifestyle habits that can be sustainable. One of the things I love about this program is that it's comprehensive; teaching you everything you need to know to improve your overall health and wellbeing. And, If you struggle with any type of chronic illness, this program is for you. It's exactly what I've been searching for, for years."

“I felt so supported recovering from serious GI surgery. When the doctors were done with me, I still needed so much help recovering and I could not have figured it out alone.”

“After months of serious work together, I can even go back to eating foods that caused problems before, with no digestive issues. I’m in awe of the changes I am feeling and my renewed freedom.”

"I had a lifetime of painful, embarrassing and unpredictable digestive issues. Liz masterfully combined food sensitivity support with digestive healing. I have never felt better. I had no idea I didn't have to live like that." 

“My digestive system gives me no problems whatsoever anymore - in both directions. Nothing weird comes up or down.”

“Liz's ability to finesse the connection between lab test results, infections, inflammation, food strategies, supplements and my own personal barriers to change was quite remarkable. I am so glad to have found you. My belly doesn’t hurt anymore and I feel that you unlocked a new zest for life that I didn’t know I had at this age.”

Who needs sugar when you can have duck fat? If you walk in with an open mind and let the program do its magic, there is no way you will complete Liz’s modules without having changed your relationship with food. 

One of my very favorite things, is that it's done in bite sized pieces with step-by-step instructions making it very doable. After each module you will know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. I think it's this simplicity that is really setting someone up for success. ...and not to mention it's aesthetically beautiful.

"The Functional Blood Chemistry package was something special! Why hasn't anyone ever gone into this much depth with me before? I am sold and will do this every year just to keep track of what's working, what's not and to fine tune my health. It's really fun! What a great report, analysis, and recommendations."

I love the concept of symptoms as communication from our body, and that addressing root cause of symptoms helps avoid chronic disease.

“One month off of my reactive foods and my debilitating menstrual symptoms melted away. I barely knew my period was coming.”

“I learned that my body is not my enemy. The months of careful eating, the money spent on supplements, lab tests and consultations was well worth it. I now know that I don’t have to be in constant battle with my body and that is quite a priceless gift to have given me.”

"The tests explained a lot. I had been breaking out in hives and getting painful bumps on my tongue. I felt like every meal caused some sort of issues. I just couldn't figure out what foods to eat without reacting. Liz help me understand exactly what the results meant and supported me as I changed my diet. I feel so much better!"

“The depth of your insight into my digestive system and inflammatory issues was huge. I had no idea this level of care existed. I am recommending you to all my friends. It really seemed like everyone has digestive conditions and we thought it was a normal part of aging. I am amazed by how much my body has changed after this intensive work.”

"I had a lifetime of painful, embarrassing and unpredictable digestive issues. Liz masterfully combined food sensitivity support with digestive healing. I have never felt better. I had no idea I didn't have to live like that." 

"I don't need a nap after every meal. Enough said!"

"I find it shocking that removing food sensitivity foods so significantly reduced my stress levels. I can feel in body how the two are connected. Thank you! I am so relieved." 

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We are a functional nutrition, tele-wellness clinic serving clients at home in Colorado and nationwide. 


After 7 years of evolution as a functional nutritionist, I find this work beautiful and urgent. I have joined hundreds of clients on this leg of their healing journeys, and I have celebrated with them, the most amazing transformations. 

I have seen my clients experience a new lease on life, a renewed ability to feel good, happy, and hopeful. My health and my life has been changed through this work too, and I feel that everyone has a right to the tools for a better food culture and better health.

When our digestion isn't working right, or we aren't eating deeply nourishing foods, or we have chronic inflammation, we are malnourished and that makes us stressed, frantic, and foggy. 

I can teach you the tools to fine tune and improve these functions to better meet the very basic needs of the human body.

It breaks my heart to see so many people struggling so deeply and for so long with their ongoing health challenges. I have walked this road myself with nowhere to turn, no conversation even about what to make of it all or what is possible for the future. I am dedicated to changing this trajectory for as many people as possible. 

If you are ready to master the foundations of nutritional healing, the Nourish + Flow program is for you. If you need to go deeper, our 1 year private digestive deep healing program is for you. 

It's time to change the conversation around food and health for the benefit of People + Planet. 

Are you ready to become a more wise and loving caretaker of your own beautiful self?

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What to Expect


Functional Nutrition is the process of understanding the underlying, root cause drivers of your health problems and then calming down your symptoms by resolving those hidden causes. Underlying drivers might include malnourishment, poor quality or toxic foods, digestive infections, broken digestive function, stress, food sensitivities (but what's causing that?). In our practice we offer deep dive lab testing to really find the root causes. We have helped many people identify and overcome long term problems that no one ever gave them answers to before. 

We can help you investigate the root cause, underlying drivers of your symptoms!

Food Advice

We take an omnivore approach to deep nourishment. We view the best human diet as one that is delicious, decadent, and diverse. We include food from all of the categories of wholesome, real foods with a preference towards organic, regenerative, and humane. We only remove food groups (except for junk) for a Reset, or when the body is responding with inflammation, pain, autoimmune flares, or digestive disturbances.

We can help you figure out what needs to be added or  removed, and for how long!


Listen to the Body

Most people ignore their body's cries for help for too long, or are told nothing can be done to stabilize or overcome it. This is so often just not true. Our bodies break but they are incredibly resilient as well. You'll learn it's not necessarily "just how you are," or "a normal part of aging." Rather, we'll teach you how to recognize when something's off, and what it means. 

We can help you become better friends with your body and help it be a better vessel to house your amazing life!


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“I teach people to become wise and loving caretakers of their body + brain.”

Liz Morgan, Functional Nutritionist and Owner of People + Planet Nutrition 

Our bodies ask for our help with signs like pain, fatigue and anxiety. I can help you listen to and honor the needs of your body. Coupled with powerful lab testing insights and skilled protocol strategies, it is possible to feel better. If you KNOW you have a better life to live, let's get started. 


My clients have had great success reducing or eliminating these debilitating symptoms

bloating, burping, gas, diarrhea, constipation, hangry before meals, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, allergies, hives, asthma, joint pain, muscle pain, exhaustion, binge eating, out of control sugar cravings, skin legions or sores, exhaustion, sleeplessness, migraines, PMS symptoms, peri-menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, anxiety, acne, brain fog, poor memory, loss of joy for life or hobbies, lack stamina
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My clients have calmed down flares + symptoms of these common conditions

IBD, IBS, colitis, crohns, fatty liver, hepatitis C, hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes, autoimmune disease, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, GERD, reflux, gastritis, asthma, arthritis, hPylori infection, candida infection, recovery from surgery, extreme digestive pain, high or low estrogen, parasite infection, high cholesterol, avoid medication.

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