Liz Brown Morgan, MA, FNTP, RWP, JD

Hi! I'm Liz! My clients come to me seeking help with a wide array of health concerns. They can't stabilize their weight. They have terrible digestive issues. Their blood sugar is out of balance. They can't control their binge eating. They break out in hives or have developed asthma. Food sensitivities. Chemical sensitivities. They're exhausted all the time. They can't sleep. They have immense stress. They want help recovering from surgery. They have allergies. They can't think straight. They are depressed. They have joint pain or muscle pain. Their belly hurts from eating. They have fatty liver or prediabetes. They are accumulating serious medical diagnoses and they feel like their health and their life is spiraling out of control. 

It's amazing how much recovery can happen when we create a more wholesome and balanced diet, heal the digestive system, and balance the blood sugar handling systems.

These are the foundational, root cause imbalances that I see so often.

Using this approach I have helped clients have pain free periods, eliminate reflux, stabilize their weight, reduce cravings, reduce chemical sensitivity, avoid medications, normalize cholesterol levels, normalize bowel movements, eliminate candida and H.pylori, and so much more!

Are you ready to feel nourished and in control of your body, mind and life?

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Liz's Bio

Liz Morgan is a functional nutritionist specializing in recovery from digestive infections, digestive insufficiency, blood sugar imbalances, liver health, chemical sensitivites, surgery recovery, inflammatory conditions, food sensitivities, chronic pain, and sleep, hormonal and thyroid disorders.

Liz is a past environmental lawyer, and holds a masters degree in environmental policy from Vermont Law School where she focused on equitable and secure food systems policy. She holds a BA in anthropology from Colgate University with a focus on ancient food systems and what it takes for cultures to thrive on this earth.

Liz has studied functional nutrition with the Nutritional Therapy Association, Restorative Wellness Solutions and the Kharrazian Institute. 

Liz is a wild foods enthusiast and is the author of the Falcon guideon foraging for wild edible plants in the Rocky Mountains. Liz was a wilderness guide for 15 years and helped people access their deep connection to nature.

Liz is dedicated to transforming the Food Culture into one that is delicious, decadent and deeply healing for People + Planet. She guides her clients to embrace wholesome foods to heal their own bodies while also eating responsibly in the era of climate change and biodiversity loss. Liz combines her passion for sustainable food systems with calm, meaningful personal change to help her clients thrive. 

Liz resides in Buena Vista, Colorado and is a yogi, a skier, and always stops to smell the wild roses. 

Juliet Dalton, FNTP, MRWP

Juliet and Liz collaborate on lots of projects from sharing clients to co-hosting Nourish + Flow! To be sure, if you work with one of us, you'll get the benefit of our professional collaboration.

I’m Juliet, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), and a Master Restorative Wellness Solutions Practicer (MRWP) based outside of Boston, MA. I believe that food can be one of the most powerful tools we have to optimize our health. Whether you’re looking for digestive relief, improved skin, better sleep, hormonal balance, or mental sharpness, I take a foundational, food-first approach to help you feel the best version of yourself.

In my own health journey I consistently struggled with inflammation & food sensitivities, insomnia & anxiety, tons of frustrating digestive symptoms. I tried all the “healthy” things I thought would help like eating low-fat, tons of high intensity exercise, trying intermittent fasting, avoiding meat & animal products (but was never good at that and felt guilty for liking meat!). Needless to say - those things didn’t work for me. They always left me exhausted, starving, inflamed, bloated, and waking up in the night.

When I finally understood which foods made my body thrive, what my body needed for deep sleep, and why my energy was tanked throughout the day… then I could finally try some things that started to work. My sleep got better, my energy came back, and my digestion improved!

The combination of these nutrition & lifestyle habits I’ve developed is powerful. And this is exactly what we're delivering in Nourish + Flow.

Let’s simplify nutrition & instill new habits to build a strong foundation of health for years to come!

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Nutrition Mastermind

I am part of a professional practice group including other functional nutritionist colleagues. We meet regularly and have an ongoing dialogue about developments in the field of nutrition science, digestion, blood sugar, autoimmunity, diet, supplements and all things that arise in clinical practice. We support each other with discussion about our complex clients, of which there are many. I love this group and wouldn't want to practice alone!

Juliet Dalton, Nutrition Riot 

Kerri Hallihan, Level Up Naturally

Jennifer Tillson, Inside Out Nutrition 

Restorative Wellness Solutions Mastermind

Restorative Wellness Solutions is a global leader in functional nutrition training. I am proud to be an RWS practicer and benefit from ongoing continuing education through their monthly mastermind, private mentoring, and community participation of the extensive network of practitioners. 

RWS specializes in developing a skillset to "guide the most complex client cases to success."