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Are you ready to unlock your body's built-in wisdom and ability to heal? Let's see if it's a good fit! Start the conversation by clicking the button to request a free 15 minute phone call. I'll respond personally with thoughts and next steps. ~ Liz 

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We offer 3 and 6 Month Programs

Our clients have experienced life-changing, and in some cases life-saving, results in these programs. These are not "diets." They are complete systemic approaches to understanding and honoring the needs of your body.

If you know one of these programs is the right fit for you, you can book it now and the Initial Investigation is included! The Digestive Deep Healing Jump-start (6-month program) is our deepest and most comprehensive investigation and rebalancing program. The 3-Months Nutrition Coaching is for support without lab testing. Both programs include lifetime access to our Body Wisdom and Food Wisdom online courses.

For those with major digestive issues. You're seeking big help.

Digestive Deep Healing Jump-Start 

6 months of support plus 3 powerful lab tests.

This power-packed program includes deep investigation into what's driving your digestive struggles and spiraling health challenges. A data and symptom driven program for deep rebalancing.

  • A full support 6-month program
  • Deep digestive rebalancing and  microbiome testing.
  • Identify and calm food sensitivities, inflammation.
  • A functional analysis's of over 70 blood markers. 
  • Broken digestion drives numerous health conditions. Whether looking to balance hormones, thyroid, autoimmunity, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, anxiety, or exhaustion this is the place to start.
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You're new to this kind of work and want support to create a healthier lifestyle. 

3-Months Nutrition Coaching

Includes the Wisdom Series online courses and regular check ins!

Personalized support as we investigate and understand the drivers of your digestion challenges. Support to upgrade your food and lifestyle strategies to better meet the needs of your body. 

  • Body Wisdom guides you to understand your foundational systems: stress, digestion, sugar handling, hydration, detoxification. 
  • Food Wisdom teaches you to upgrade and diversify your diet to meet the needs of your body.
  • Food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Cultivate a nourishing and joyful relationship with food and your own body. 
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The Initial Health Investigation 

If you're not sure which program is right for you, start with the Initial Investigation Session and we'll talk it through then. 

You want to see if it's a good fit before committing to a deeper program. 



A deep dive into your health history and what's driving your digestive challenges.

Begin the functional nutrition journey. Gain a new understanding about what might be possible for you. 

  • Discuss what type of support will serve you best moving forward.
  • Discuss food, supplements, lifestyle, stress, toxic exposure, supplements and lab testing.
  • Investigate what factors are driving your health challenges and find out what you can do to stabilize. 
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Smaller Packages

Returning Clients

These smaller packages are ideal for returning clients who want to check in and retest. You are welcome to book these as needed.  

New Clients

For new clients, we recommend starting with our Nourish + Flow program or Digestive Deep Healing 6-Month program. We do offer these smaller packages for new clients who just aren't ready for the full deep healing program, or don't need it, but want to begin to look deeper. 

Functional Blood Chemistry

Recommended as a yearly check-in. Functional blood chemistry analysis takes a deeper look into the interconnections in your health markers. This is a great way to monitor results of the actions you are taking and to fine tune over time. 

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Food Sensitivity Package

The MRT is a food sensitivity test that helps us identify foods causing inflammation and negative reactions in your body. Gain more food freedom rather than having every meal cause mysterious discomfort. Food sensitivities arise due to digestive impairments so pairs best with the GI MAP.

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GI MAP Only Package

This includes the GI MAP test, plus 3 private sessions. Includes one session in advance to prepare, one session after to review results, and follow up. See what's going on in your microbiome -  bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites, worms, protozoa. Includes gliadin reactivity and digestive health markers. 

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4-Pack Private Sessions

Do you need some follow-up sessions? This includes 4, 60-minute sessions to be used within 6 months. Let's keep the conversation going. 

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Hi! I'm Liz! My clients come to me seeking help with a wide array of health concerns. They can't stabilize their weight. They have terrible digestive issues. Their blood sugar is out of balance. They can't control their binge eating. They break out in hives or have developed asthma. Food sensitivities. Chemical sensitivities. They're exhausted all the time. They can't sleep. They have immense stress. They want help recovering from surgery. They have allergies. They can't think straight. They are depressed. They have joint pain or muscle pain. Their belly hurts from eating. They have fatty liver or prediabetes. They are accumulating serious medical diagnoses and they feel like their health and their life is spiraling out of control. 

It's amazing how much recovery can happen when we create a more wholesome and balanced diet, heal the digestive system, and balance the blood sugar handling systems.

These are the foundational, root cause imbalances that I see so often.

Using this approach I have helped clients have pain free periods, eliminate reflux, stabilize their weight, reduce cravings, reduce chemical sensitivity, avoid medications, normalize cholesterol levels, normalize bowel movements, eliminate candida and H.pylori, and so much more!

Are you ready to feel nourished and in control of your body, mind and life?

If you're curious to see if my functional nutrition tactics are right for you, fill out the new client inquiry form to get started!

Client Feedback

"The Functional Blood Chemistry package was something special! Why hasn't anyone ever gone into this much depth with me before? I am sold and will do this every year just to keep track of what's working, what's not and to fine tune my health. It's really fun! What a great report, analysis, and recommendations."

“My digestive system gives me no problems whatsoever anymore - in both directions. Nothing weird comes up or down.”

“I felt so supported recovering from serious GI surgery. When the doctors were done with me, I still needed so much help recovering and I could not have figured it out alone.”

“One month off of my reactive foods and my debilitating menstrual symptoms melted away. I barely knew my period was coming.”

“I learned that my body is not my enemy. The months of careful eating, the money spent on supplements, lab tests and consultations was well worth it. I now know that I don’t have to be in constant battle with my body and that is quite a priceless gift to have given me.”

“After months of serious work together, I can even go back to eating foods that caused problems before, with no digestive issues. I’m in awe of the changes I am feeling and my renewed freedom.”

“Liz's ability to finesse the connection between lab test results, infections, inflammation, food strategies, supplements and my own personal barriers to change was quite remarkable. I am so glad to have found you. My belly doesn’t hurt anymore and I feel that you unlocked a new zest for life that I didn’t know I had at this age.”

“The depth of your insight into my digestive system and inflammatory issues was huge. I had no idea this level of care existed. I am recommending you to all my friends. It really seemed like everyone has digestive conditions and we thought it was a normal part of aging. I am amazed by how much my body has changed after this intensive work.”

"The tests explained a lot. I had been breaking out in hives and getting painful bumps on my tongue. I felt like every meal caused some sort of issues. I just couldn't figure out what foods to eat without reacting. Liz help me understand exactly what the results meant and supported me as I changed my diet. I feel so much better!"

"I had a lifetime of painful, embarrassing and unpredictable digestive issues. Liz masterfully combined food sensitivity support with digestive healing. I have never felt better. I had no idea I didn't have to live like that." 

"I find it shocking that removing food sensitivity foods so significantly reduced my stress levels. I can feel in body how the two are connected. Thank you! I am so relieved." 

"I don't need a nap after every meal. Enough said!"

I know you can feel more alive and more empowered than you do now.

Whether you are just getting started, or well into your healing journey, I welcome you. We are a functional healing tele-wellness clinic specializing in digestion, sugar handling, inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic pain, and calming down chronic or mysterious symptoms. I would be honored for the opportunity to support you.

Learn to understand and honor the true needs of your body

Our bodies ask for our help with signs like pain, fatigue and anxiety. I can help you listen to and honor the needs of your body.Coupled with powerful lab testing insights and skilled protocol strategies, it is possible to feel better. If you KNOW you have a better life to live, let's get started. 


What is Functional Nutrition? What to Expect.

Take Charge of Your Health!

I work with people with serious chronic health conditions who are ready to learn what they can do to support their bodies and brains towards improved health. If you are ready to be a more purposeful and effective caregiver to your own body, let's find the right package to get you started.   


Our health unravels in spirals. If we work to bandaid the end result, we will never truly heal. I will help you understand the beginning of the spiral while helping fix the underlying causes and calming the spiraling symptoms.

I specialize in wholesome nourishment, digestive function, digestive infections, sugar handling disorders, liver health, inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic pain, neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders, improved sleep and balancing hormones to calm down PMS and menopausal symptoms.


Our work together will be highly results driven. There is no dieting for the sake of dieting. You will know the WHYs behind everything you do and you will be an active participant in the process. We will focus on quick wins while supporting deeper and lasting health improvements.

My clients have experienced major improvements in reflux, bowel motility, headaches, stiffness, inflammation, sleep, hormones, bloating, cravings, binge eating, body image, skin, joints, lipid markers, liver markers, blood sugar markers, blood sugar swings and even in their confidence and feelings of personal empowerment and hope for the future. 

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