"This was more fun than I thought it would be."

Oct 18, 2022

I specialize in condensing large amounts of information into bite sized pieces to help my clients understand and honor the needs of their bodies, while participating in a food culture that is healing. The intricacies around why our bodies break down, malfunction, and become sick are vast. The options for recovery and stabilization of our health challenges are equally confounding if you have not gained some expertise in the modern tactics, perspective and flow of healing. We are delicate and complex organisms that require a certain level of care and understanding in order to function well.

Our society likes to infantilize health, diet, and the very nature of what I means to be human living on earth. A pill for every ill, no pain no gain, fake it till ya make it, as if it were that simple to be healthy while remaining removed from the day to day wholesome goodness it takes to maintain a thriving body, brain, and life. 

I once had a very brilliant, fun and compelling professor of archeoastronomy who liked to say something along the lines that if an expert in their particular field could not distill the complexities of their knowledge in ways that others could easily understand and appreciate, then they weren't very smart or skilled or good at their job. 

This, to me, is the beauty of communication and community. I love sharing what I know in ways that can truly help people, society and the earth. Each of us can explore our passions and areas of interest and then share the benefits of our perspective with others. This is how we expand our collective perspective, how society evolves, and in my profession's case, how we guide and teach and support people to reclaim their health, improve their relationship with food, and cultivate a new lease on life at any age. 

People come to me exhausted, overwhelmed, and in pain. They are often at their wit's end having explored all of the medical avenues of treatment, some alternative ones, and have tried plenty of self help ideas too. They haven't yet gained the full 10,000 foot perspective needed to turn their health around, and have so far only dabbled or been turned away by yet more conflicting and overwhelming attempted advice. 

That's where a good functional nutritionist can help cut through the noise, the conflict, the lack of perspective. We'll look at the basics of stress, nourishment and toxic exposure. Then we'll look at the inner workings of organs and body systems. Then we bring in gentle and aggressive, depending on the needs, clinical tactics to transform how your body functions. You will learn to play the instrument of your physical being with more ease and love, rather than being in constant battle with yourself. 

One of my favorite comments form a client ever was "This was more fun that I thought it would be."

YES! I believe in fun. Feeling good is fun Knowing what causes our bodies to flare up and malfunction is empowering, which is also FUN. If we aren't creating a fun, enjoyable and beautiful experience as humans on earth, in these bodies, with these brains, enjoying good food to the fullest, then what's it all for? I believe, I know in fact, that a body does not heal when it is stressed out, so we have to reduce stress of all kinds to create a more joyful environment within to support the healing/stabilizing process.

To do this, I help distill the needed information into bite-sized, accessible tactics to help my clients come to a place of better health, less exhaustion, less overwhelm, and less pain. I've been stuck alone in that dark pit of health crisis and I know how it sucks the fun out of life. I've clawed, and scraped and risen and so can you and the process can actually be fun, in-flow, and an amazing part of the journey of earthly life. 

We often hear about how we only use some fraction of our brain power. The same, I think is true with our bodies. We have a very limited belief in their ability to heal, and in our ability to conduct our own health outcomes, but with the right perspective, knowledge, tactics and support we do have more power in this area than is commonly understood. 

Struggle is hard. Illness is hard. Don't let that be your barrier to figuring out some better way to live in and be the maestro of your own beautiful body, brain, and chance at life.