The gift of a food culture that makes people and ecosystems vibrant and healthy. Our gift to the generations.

Nov 01, 2021

What other gift can we give to the generations after us, but the gift of life? A living planet? A food system that restores and supports life on earth. A food culture that is about health and vitality and diversity and the glorious gift of life.

We are doing it wrong right now. Our food system kills. It kills the ecosystems that support it. It is packaged in plastic and single use disposable packaging that is unnecessary, absurd, grotesque. It kills the oceans and kills the terrestrial ecosystems. large scale destruction. We torture animals in our food system. We destroy the soil and the pollinators.

All for what? All for a food system that is toxic and malnourishing and makes people very ill.

This is not the gift we should be passing on. We can fix it. We can fix it. We can fix it.

It's up to us to support a better food culture. To pass on a gift of health, vitality, diversity and life.



Our current food culture tortures animals, destroys ecosystems, murders pollinators, wrecks waterways, poisons farm workers.

All for processed food that makes people malnourished, toxic and chronically, desperately, exhaustingly, expensively, very sick.

A food culture should make people and ecosystem healthy and vibrant. It should create living soil that sequesters carbon to mitigate climate change. It

We don't have to achieve pristine all encompassing perfection right away. But we do urgently need to take meaningful steps in the right direction.

Support local farms. Buy organic. Use less packaging. Eat wholesome, real foods, not processed, packaged foods. Support new farmers, creative caring farmers and rancher, support local food businesses.

Invest. Buy. Donate.

Participate. Engage. We build this intricate, essential, life-giving gift together.