The Digestion Connection - Is digestive healing the overlooked piece of your health journey?

Oct 01, 2022

How is digestion connected to every other function in our bodies? Digestion is absolutely fundamental in resolving any other health conditions, even those that seem totally unrelated at first glance. It’s impossible to balance stress, hormones, inflammation, sugar cravings, brain function, athletic performance, etc. without eating a wholesome, nourishing diet and sending it through a well tuned and well functioning digestive system. 

Is digestive healing the overlooked piece of your health journey? Let’s look at a few examples of how digestion is connected to other functions in the body:

Brain function - bad bugs in the gut make neurotoxins causing brain fog or worse. Poor nutrient assimilation causes malnourishment, depression, and stress. Have trouble concentrating or remembering things? Keep your brain functioning well for many years to come with a wholesome diverse diet and digestive healing. 

Stress - Broken digestion leads to food sensitivities which cause inflammation. Inflammation is a massive stressor on the body and makes us feel frantic, overwhelmed, grumpy and exhausted. Have trouble sleeping or enjoying life due to stress? Look to digestive healing. 

Sugar handling - When we aren’t digesting/absorbing all the beautiful nutrients in the food we eat, our body tends to run on sugar rather than a balance of proteins, fats and carbs. Out of control cravings arise, often due to bad bugs in the gut that thrive on and demand relentlessly that we eat more sugar or carbs. Brain function declines and chronic pain arises.

Skin - Broken digestion leads to dull skin, breakouts, and rashes including autoimmune disorders of the skin in some cases. If you’re constantly battling skin issues, think digestive healing.

Athletic endurance - A malnourished person just won’t be able to recover from excercise and won’t be able to build up endurance. Training doesn’t correlate to the outcomes you want? Look to digestive healing. 

Joints - Digestive infections often cause joint pain and arthritis. Missing nutrients increase joint pain and stiffness.

Weight - A body with a happy digestive system is much more able to stay stable and balanced with weight. Broken digestive system often leads to unwanted weight gain or loss. Consider digestion esp when weight does not obviously correlate to calories in/out.

Chemical sensitivities - Chemical sensitivities arise when the digestive system is struggling. The liver becomes burdened and unable to do its multi level job of detoxification. Have you jumped out of an Uber because the air freshener sent you into a spiral of inflammation and rage that took days to recover from?

Immune and autoimmune - A broken digestive system spirals into autoimmunity. Digestive healing is important in calming down autoimmune flares and stabilizing the immune system. 

Hormones - Digestion is often the underlying factor causing painful hormonal issues.

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