Nourish + Flow Program: Invitation to Join Our Online Course

Sep 01, 2022

I am very pleased to reintroduce you to my online program, Nourish + Flow! I am currently offering two ways to engage with Nourish + Flow: As a DIY online course, or supported with 3 months of private sessions. 

Over the last year I have been mostly focused on inviting new clients into my one-on-one private programs. Post-ish pandemic, I think a lot of us were craving deeper personal connection and attention. I felt it and my clients were feeling it too. But now we're in a new phase of this recovery and recalibration and I want to reintroduce you to my Nourish + Flow online program because I think this might be what you're looking for now.

In the depths of the pandemic, many of us weren't as attracted to Do-It-Yourself online programs which had been hugely popular just pre-pandemic. I was on the bandwagon and had created a robust functional nutrition program to guide people into a deeper understanding about how their bodies work and how to understand and honor the healing needs of their bodies. I was even training other functional nutritionists to use my program with their own clients. 

As we emerged from sequestration, we had just spent two painful years on zoom as our lifeline to connection. In the depths of the pandemic, we were each more or less stuck in far too many self directed activities and I felt online courses just weren't as appetizing as they had been before. I was thrilled to bring my invitations more into the space of 1:1 deep healing work which is really the cultivation of meaningful relationship. It has been a profound year on this level for me and my clients. We were all so in need of this connection, support, understanding and deep healing work.

In the recalibration phase, I have so deeply appreciated community! I have so deeply appreciated those parts of my life where a friend could plan where we go hiking, or I could join something, anything organized by someone else. This is part of the beautify of living in community, in a society, amongst each other, supported and inspired and guided by others. 

I am beginning now to see a renewed desire for online programming. I am seeing people's curiosity and ability to focus on their healing needs reemerge. I am seeing space opening in people's lives to spend an hour a week on their own time, reviewing a video and course materials. I am seeing a huge new appreciation for self care, deep nourishment, and choosing foods that are healing for people and planet. I am seeing a renewed ability and desire to confront ourselves, to up-level, and to call in a new era. 

In fact, I see the so-called "quiet quitting" trend as part of the recalibration. People aren't allowing themselves to be again consumed by destructive norms. Yes, busy-ness is back, but we have a different relationship with stress. We have a better understanding about the immutable needs of our bodies and brains.

If you are on this path, Nourish + Flow will provide tons of science-based and clinically proven illumination about why our bodies break down and what we can each do to support ourselves to be more in line with our needs, to be more vibrant, to feel better, to be more wise and loving caretakers of our bodies and brains. Nourish + Flow also provides easy to follow, step-by-step support to inhabit a renewed way of living, eating, being and caring for ourselves (and our families).

That wisdom allows us to experience life, not just by checking out of obvious stress, but by embracing the goodness of food, nourishment and living in a more elegant, graceful well-cared for body and food culture. If you see this need in yourself, I invite you to explore Nourish + Flow!

In this new space we are collectively creating towards a more human and supportive culture, I am very pleased to reintroduce you to my online program, Nourish + Flow! Welcome.