NEW! Smaller Services for prevention and fine tuning.

Aug 10, 2022

I have been so focused on supporting people with really serious digestive struggles. However, many people want to fine tune before their digestion spirals out of control and results in catastrophic health problems. I think this is wise! 

It seemed like the more I talked about the BIG work I was doing, the more people started asking me to help them with their smaller digestive issues.  

This is so in alignment with what I wanted to add into my practice. I have wondered, why don't people come to me earlier to fine tune rather than waiting for all out digestive mayhem?

Well, the answer is that my 1:1 offers weren't structured for this. My DIY courses were what I thought people could use for this but in reality, people want a personal support system rather than ANOTHER DIY thing to figure out on your own. I get that!

So here we go! I have a slew of new smaller offers that I know you are going to love! Don't wait until your digestive imbalances spiral into life altering health problems. Let's fine tune now! 

Of course, I still support people in big digestive crisis. I am still very much here for you in that space too.

Check out our NEW Smaller Packages here.


I have some new offers that I want to talk with you about. So, for the last few years, I've been working with people with very serious digestive health struggles, like people who think they're dying, people who are in constant pain, really serious conditions.

I've always thought, gosh, you know, why don't people come work with me, before they get to this place. And I really want to support people more preventatively when their digestive problems are smaller, instead of letting them spiral out of control. And I'm well aware that there's not a lot of support around that.

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me for smaller forms of support and help and smaller ways to work with me. And so I finally realized, like, Okay, I do need to offer some smaller packages, so that, you know, I can support people before their digestion completely spirals out of control.

So I'm really excited to announce a little slew of new options, some smaller lab testing packages, and just some smaller ways to work with me if you're not in a full blown health crisis, but you want to fine tune.

I think that's really, really important work for us all to do over the course of our entire lives. And so check out my Client Services link on my website, just go over to people planet And look for client services and you'll see all the options there.
Let me know if you have any questions. This is new, but I'm so excited to be offering this.

So let's get started. Let's work together before you're in a massive health crisis.
Or if you're in a massive massive health crisis right now, we can start there too.