Food Sensitivities and Digestion: The Missing Piece to Recovery

Sep 15, 2022

Food sensitivities, inflammatory responses to foods, high histamine responses have a root cause in digestive health. I see a lot of people who, in the past have done a food sensitivity test, removed the foods for a month or more, maybe saw some improvements, but never recovered or got past their issues. The clear problem or missing piece in their strategy was the failure to engage in meaningful digestive healing while removing those food sensitivity foods. 

Food sensitivities do not arise out of thin air for no reason. There are multiple factors underpinning such responses, but a big one is a the balance of our microbiota or the bugs in our gut. 

Diagnostic Solutions Lab, the providers of the GI MAP, an unparalleled DNA based stool test, and the test I have been using with my clients in my Digestion Deep Healing Jump-Start for over 5 years. They have recently updated the test and guidance documents. I am beyond excited to see their updated chart on Food Sensitivity Patterns!

I see a lot of practitioners honing in on their clients' histamine reactions or their mast cell activation syndrome symptoms and working to calm those reactions without addressing the dysbiotic patterns in the gut. Removing histamine causing foods is just part of the gut healing protocol needed to move past this type of reactivity. Likewise, supplements to calm histamine reactions is again only part of the solution.  

I also see many people suffering with these issues attempt at-home DIY strategies which focus on lists of foods to not eat and maybe some supplements for digestion or inflammation but they so often fail to fully get around the problem in a way that resolves the drivers of the histamine reaction in the first place. 

In my practice, we do a food sensitivity test and remove foods currently causing inflammation. We also, simultaneously, do a GI MAP to see what specific bugs in the microbiome are overgrown or low. We devise a very specific and appropriately aggressive protocol to rebalance the digestive system, kill the bad bugs, repopulate the good ones and heal and seal the gut lining. 

There's more to it! We also use dietary and supplement strategies to support he rebalancing and healing process. These protocols can be challenging. There are a lot of moving parts and that's why it is so helpful to have skilled practitioner walk the path with you. I support my clients in an ongoing way so you are never alone wondering if it's going correctly or not, wondering what symptoms arising mean, wondering if it's time to stop or start something new, or how to fine tune. I also support my clients on the more emotional layers of the work which can be so huge as well. 

Too many people think they have to live with inflammatory responses because they have never been presented with the comprehensive framework for moving past it. This is the kind of work I LOVE doing! I personally have benefitted immensely from it. I no longer get hives, exhaustion, joint pain, depression, uncontrollable sugar cravings after every meal!!

I also love walking the journey with my clients because their amazement, joy and ability to reclaim their lives, their brain power, their physical comfort just never gets old.

If you find yourself down the rabbit hole investigating mast cell activation, or histamine intolerance, or food sensitivities, seasonal allergies, or why am I exhausted after meals, or hives, or how to reduce inflammation... this is the answer you are looking for. The rest is bandaids but not a full recovery strategy. 

Here's the new Food Intolerance chart provide by the makers of the GI MAP. I just love the new level of clarity the lab and researchers are putting out on this issue. 

Does your broken digestive system show up as food sensitivities rather than obvious digestive pain (or as both)? My Digestive Deep Healing Jump-Start 6-month program might be the perfect program for you.