Food Culture - It's not cost, it's culture

Mar 31, 2022

The B2B and investing worlds are aflutter with big money "solutions" to our catastrophically destructive food system. Corporate leaders, policy makers and big investors seem to trust BIGness. They can work with BIG. 

Working with big business also allows attempted change makers within the corporate structure to temper their goals and aspirations for change based on corporate norms or limited beliefs about what is possible. 

I do see so many well-meaning people with huge power and influence, able to direct massive amounts of money to address pressing problems, just, kinda, not go big enough, not thinking outside the box of the food culture they live in. 

Corporate influencers blame cost, not culture. As in,

  • It costs too much to transition the  entire cafeteria to organic.
  • It costs too much to reduce single use disposable waste.
  • It costs too much to serve decent food that wasn't tortured and poisoned.
  • It costs too much to serve food fit for human consumption.
  • It costs too much to serve food that makes people healthy as food should do. 

I propose that it's not cost, but culture. 

Let me say that again: It's not cost, but culture. 

Our shared food culture normalizes tortured, poisoned, processed, "food" that destroys soil, destroys pollinator populations, destroys waterways, treats animals horrendously, and makes humans terribly sick in the process.

And the customers buy it, eat it, allow it. 

As customers, we must change what we will accept as normal in our food culture.

We must not allow cost to be used as a corporate scapegoat against providing food that is actually fit for human consumption and does right by the earth in its production and packaging processes.

We must move from being hapless, controlled, mindless consumers of a toxic, destructive food system and become customers. As CUSTOMERS, we make choices and take a stand for what is absolutely essential to life on earth - good food that heals people and planet. 

Join me on this journey to heal the food culture, to heal the people, and to heal the planet and our relationship with it.