Body Culture - Why don't we know how our bodies work?

Mar 01, 2022

 There's an utter lack of knowledge in our culture about how our bodies work, what they need from us, and how to fine tune throughout our lives to prevent, reverse or stabilize chronic conditions. There is absolutely no need to continue through life with so little understanding about how to care for ourselves.

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Here's the catch, people think it will be hard. People don't want to fail. People avoid because we truly don't have a culture that understands how MUCH BETTER WE CAN FEEL! We don't understand that the process, while new, actually makes our lives better, easier, more graceful, less painful. Why change if there's no pay off?

but there is a payoff.

There ie s a HUGE payoff to learning these lessons. To making some decadent and nourishing upgrades to our lives.

To identifying what harms us and identifying what helps us.

I literally think about this every day. How do we have a culture where no one knows how their bodies work or their capacity to heal?
People think - this is just how I am. this is just me.

It's really nuts. How do we take care of ourselves when we don't have the foundational understanding about what we need? we don't even know how to recognize dysfunction let alone how to overcome it.

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I speak from experience. I had no idea how much I personally needed this until I began learning about it. I thought I was going to help other people, but what I really did was create a new chance at life for myself. I know you need this. Let's get down to it!

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