Embodied Digestion Workshop at jalaBlu Yoga

Jun 15, 2022

As I prepare for a workshop this evening on the topic of Digestion, I'm struck by how much of our health struggles we keep to ourselves, shamed by our imperfections, limited by our language, and constrained by cultural norms that teach us to say "fine" when asked how we are doing rather than sharing and exploring our true realities.

I think back to a client I had a few years ago who had been called a hypochondriac by her family, over, and over, and over again for voicing her experience about her very real, very serious, very unresolved digestive health issues. She was ignored, belittled and made to feel like she should close her mouth and not bother anyone with this.

The biggest barrier many of us have to figuring out how to take better, more elegant, graceful care of ourselves is the culture we live in, the people who tell us what we are experiencing is not worth a thought or care, and the social and food norms around us.

Not only can we each benefit as individuals by learning to more powerfully confront and address, and get help with our own digestion issues, but we as a society need to get better at supporting our loved ones on these journeys. There's a new layer of hope and possibility that we can open to.

Most of us will go through an intense healing journey of some sort at some time in our lives. Many of us will have many moments where our health is our key focus, reclaiming our life is our key focus, nothing else matters if we can't figure out how to stabilize and rebalance.

I think it is reasonable to expect the people in our lives to be supportive, to hold space for healing, and I think it is reasonable to create a culture more open to curiosity in these areas.

I'll be talking with the group about how to hold space for healing conversations. How to normalize a culture of listening to and honoring the needs of our bodies. What a profound, new relationship with reality we can create simply through conversation. I just love the possibility for creating more supportive, kind culture from which people can thrive, unleash, be creative, be powerful, be truly ourselves, feel safe talking about how they are really, really feeling.

When our digestion breaks down it is scary. It's a physical and a mental struggle. We need to address both, all sides of the spectrum to create better function and the first step is create a normalize noticing what our bodies are telling us, then create a safe space to talk deeply about our realities, and to devise a plan of action for overcoming and moving forward.