Lifetime Access - After Your Digestive Deep Healing Program

Jul 15, 2022

Did you know that after your Digestive Deep Healing program with me, you have lifetime ability to book single sessions, or smaller packages to fine tune your health over the years? 

I have many past clients who come back as needed. They don't need the full set of testing again, and they really don't need the intensive support they received in the big deep healing program because they have so many tools at their disposal already. 

  • They might want 3 sessions, a comprehensive blood panel, and recommendations based on results. 
  • They may want to do a stand alone food sensitivity test just to see where they are. Maybe they had some inflammation creeping in and they knew to get on top of it before it became a full blown digestive breakdown again. 
  • They might want the GI MAP to see if their candida is coming back. 
  • Or maybe they just want to get back on track with wholesome nourishing food and need a little support, conversation and guidance to get out of their rut. 
  • Maybe they want to have a conversation about supplements, are ready to try out a few new ones to address some recent changes they are experiencing.

These are all possibilities AFTER completing the Digestive Deep Healing program. 

I can't do any of that smaller work very effectively with a brand new client.

We need that first 6 months for deep investigation, conversation, experimentation, observation, and transformation. 

THEN, we have a relationship and we together understand your body so much better. That allows us to have periodic check-ins and fine tune over time as needed. 

If you want this support system in your life, the Digestive Deep Healing program is the place to start!

I can't wait to work with you!