How and why I created Nourish + Flow

Apr 15, 2023

In a world where truth is under assault and so many people seem unable to figure out what's real and what's not, I wanted to share a bit about how I created Nourish + Flow and how know it works, for real. 

Five (5) years ago, when I began creating Nourish + Flow, I studied all of the diets out there that were being espoused by anyone with any real chops in the health and wellness space. I saw who was getting results and I dove into asking WHY they worked and for whom.

I saw people loving diets like Paleo, autoimmune paleo, GAPs, Wahls, Mediterranean, Ayervedic and even the more extreme diets like vegan and carnivore. 

Each diet promoted itself based on some particular gimmick but I wanted to rise above the food fad frenzy and figure out really why people where getting results, AND perhaps more importantly, why none of them worked perfectly for everyone. 

I saw people trying to navigate the sometimes extreme complexity of complying with one framework or another and I wanted to know what of the minutia mattered most, and what did not.

I asked the question, how can I simplify and synthesize the important stuff for people who want an easier gateway into nutritional healing?

I went beyond the diet and deprivation mentality and dove into questions about what humans are truly meant to eat on this earth, and how we are truly meant to live. 

I wanted to know, what is it supposed to feel like to live in a healthy, well nourished human body?

This is an answer, truly most of us in the modern world do not know and have not experienced. 

Because Nourish + Flow is so comprehensive in all of these ways,

  • not just based on reductive science,
  • and not just based on some vague notion of what our ancestors ate,
  • and not just based on limited knowledge of the current chronic health crisis,
  • and not just based on what works for one subset of people, 

but on all of these things together, the participants of Nourish + Flow gain not just a framework for eating better, but a visceral and intellectual connection to what it means to be deeply human and connected to their higher potential and possibilities. 

I don't mean to be esoteric here, although it can feel like something of a spiritual awakening to simply connect to our bodies and our food and the earth that provides it in these profoundly nourishing ways. 

So how do I know it works?

It's because as I lead group after group, person after person through this process, I see the extreme transformations that people experience.

Our culture makes it very hard to be healthy, but when people step into and embrace this seemingly new but actually very old, as old as evolutionary time, participation in a more abundant, delicious, decadent relationship with food, it's undeniable. It's exciting. It's hopeful in a world where so many have lost hope.

We are trapped in a Food Culture that fools us into thinking fake food and fake flavors are the nourishment our bodies need and that is very, very stressful for people. When people step out of that space of falsity and into a Nourish + Flow world, it all makes sense. It is real. It is undeniable. 

We can find science to explain why it works. We can analyze and feel our symptoms to experience that it works. We can review lab markers to confirm that it is working. But in truth, when the energy flows better through the body, when the brain feels happier, when the inflammation subsides, when they enjoy food more, people know deeply in their beings that this is right and correct. We can stop having the silly conversations about which wacky diet is best. We can stop having the wacky conversations about how one diet didn't work for me so eating healthy doesn't matter anyway and we all have to die so might as well be sick and miserable until we do. What a sad frame for freedom.

When we stumble upon a well served plate of truth it is a truly beautiful thing. When people are finally able to awaken into their true selves, it is truly a transformation on a personal level and a broader Food Culture plane. There is a shifting of the perception of reality that is comforting, stabilizing, decadent, and above all deeply beautiful and deeply truthful. 

We can perhaps connect more clearly with the simple concept of the John Keats stanza, "Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, that is all Ye know on earth and all Ye need to know."

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