Food is scary and stressful, but it doesn't have to be.

Reverse food sensitivities, heal digestion, and overcome exhaustion + chronic pain.

We don't offer the next best fad diet or latest biohack. What we do offer is a sane, stable, and wise approach to food, health, and sustainability. Join Nourish + Flow to find joy, ease and flow in your food life, while addressing chronic health conditions!

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The ultimate food and health support system. 

We take a kind, caring, supportive and low stress approach to guiding you into a more wise relationship with food and your own body. This is not a diet. It is a comprehensive perspective on how to upgrade your relationship with food to benefit your own health, while also supporting a more regenerative food system that's good for people and planet.   

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Are you ready to stop struggling with...?

Are you ready to move beyond having to be super careful about what foods you eat because so many foods seem to cause discomfort, exhaustion, stress, inflammation and other troubling symptoms? Are you ready to stop struggling with:

  • autoimmune flares
  • chronic pain
  • digestive problems
  • food sensitivities
  • inflammation
  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • menstrual pain
  • not sure what to eat or feed your family
  • overwhelm
  • stress
  • sugar or junk food cravings + uncontrollable binges

This course will help you figure out if you have to live with this forever or if there's a way to overcome, calm and  stabilize.

  • Are you ready for food to be fun again?
  • Are you ready to feel good in your own body?

You know your health issues will just get worse if you don't act soon. 

Turn your health around with our sane, stable, wise approach to food and health. In Nourish + Flow you will learn to stabilize your health issues by understanding and honoring the needs of your body, navigating wholesome, real foods to meet your body's needs, and to activate flow in your food life so getting nourished is easy and decadent. 

BODY: Understand and honor the needs of your body

  • Learn the the elegant language your body speaks to you in, the language of symptoms.
  • Learn what your body is telling you it needs.
  • Learn to support your digestion, blood sugar, detoxification, and stress systems. 

FOOD: Foundational Foods Reset + Diet Diversity

  • Learn to reset when you become out of balance.
  • Understand and practice the foundations for a delicious, decadent, deeply nourishing, whole foods diet. 
  • Expand into wiggle room foods and superfoods and create diet diversity. 
  • Use wholesome foods to respond to your symptoms. Give your body what it needs to be more stable, feel better and be more reliable. 

FLOW: Activate Daily + Weekly Food Flow 

  • Gracefully create a new food routine. 
  • Create the structures so that eating wholesome, real foods that you love is easy and in flow.
  • Start with Breakfast Flow and work into a full day and week food flow practices that make it easy to get deeply nourished.  

40% OFF Black Friday Super Special!


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Rise above the food fad frenzy.

I used to be exhausted, overwhelmed, and in pain.

I know what it's like be exhausted, overwhelmed and in pain AND HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I went to doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, I did yoga, tried changing my diet...but nothing worked until I understood the situation more comprehensively and took higher view of the situation. We all know, a piecemeal approach might get pieces of solutions, but it doesn't get us FULLY stable. 

I know what it's like:

  • For every meal to cause hives, inflammation, and joint pain,
  • To wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air,
  • To have uncontrollable sugar binges,
  • To always feel ravenously hungry at all times,
  • To wake up in the middle of the night in a state of stress,
  • To have poor facial recognition ability, poor memory, lack of confidence, dark cloud, anxious,
  • To have severe chronic neck, back and joint pain that won't go away. 
  • To have embarrassing digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, bad breath, or burping that inhibit your participation in social activities.
  • For life to feel extremely difficult.

In Nourish + Flow, I'll share the tactics I used to heal myself and hundreds of clients experiencing similar disconnection from the life they wanted to be leading.

By making the connection between the food we eat, the stress we endure, the toxicity we're exposed to, and how well our digestion and sugar handling systems work, I'll show you how to take control of your symptoms and reclaim your future.  


We don't offer the next best fad diet or latest biohack. What we do offer is a sane, stable, and wise approach to food, health, and sustainability. Join Nourish + Flow to find joy, ease and flow in your food life, while addressing chronic health conditions!


Steamboat Springs, CO

I highly recommend taking Liz's online nutritional program. Nourish + Flow breaks everything down for you, step-by-step, making it easy for you to create healthier lifestyle habits that can be sustainable. One of the things I love about this program is that it's comprehensive; teaching you everything you need to know to improve your overall health and wellbeing. And, If you struggle with any type of chronic illness, this program is for you. It's exactly what I've been searching for, for years.


The realization that my body is not my enemy!


I love the concept of symptoms as communication from our body, and that addressing root cause of symptoms helps avoid chronic disease.


Buena Vista, CO

The content is perfect. I loved all of it. I am so impressed with the program. You have made an easily accessible and easy-to-understand-framework program. It has helped me take back control of my relationship with food, all for the purpose of optimal health and fitness. Thank you.



One of my very favorite things, is that it's done in bite sized pieces with step-by-step instructions making it very doable. After each module you will know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. I think it's this simplicity that is really setting someone up for success. ...and not to mention it's aesthetically beautiful.


Nourish + Flow is what you've been looking for. A thoughtful, kind and gentle approach to helping clients discover the rewards of the nourished life. So many clients are intimidated by harsh programs. This gentle approach is a nice fit for me.


Glastonbury, CT

Who needs sugar when you can have duck fat? If you walk in with an open mind and let the program do its magic, there is no way you will complete Liz’s modules without having changed your relationship with food. 

Sign up for this program if you are seeking guidance on how to make food a more meaningful part of your life, if you want to experience food as a celebration rather than a chore, as a privilege rather than a punishment. You will learn to appreciate its value as a substance that nourishes, is deeply satisfying, and worth prioritizing. Once you give it the time it deserves, everything falls into place. While you may learn it is best to give some things up, you will quickly discover that the vacancies left behind will be filled with a variety of evermore satisfying and sustaining options. It is simple and strategic, you will leave with a formula that has the potential to stick for the better part of your, now much longer🤞🏻, life.  

Liz’s program is much more than a how to, it is a structured philosophy on how humans can and should be in relationship with what they eat. It gives you the tools to sensibly navigate every decision or choice that can be made in the process of nourishing yourself and those you love.

Nourish + Flow is not a diet. It is real nutrition education that will give you tools to support your health for years to come. Coupled with elegant strategies to nourish yourself deeply and navigate life's ups and downs with more ease, Nourish + Flow is a uniquely joyous embrace of the healing power of wholesome food. 

How long will it take and what to expect

  • Plan to spend about 1 hour each week watching module videos and reviewing program materials.
  • Nourish + Flow is divided into 4 parts with 20 modules total. 
  • Takes most people 3-6 months to complete.
  • Nourish + Flow offers a step-by-step program that guides you to honor the needs of your body based on your specific health and healing priorities.
  • Email reminders and inspiration
  • Nourish + Flow is hosted on this website. When you enroll, you will be able to log in to access course materials. 
  • 100% guarantee. We know you'll love it, but if for some reason it's not what you were looking for, a full refund is available if requested within 2 weeks of purchase. 
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Your Invitation Awaits! 

It's time for a sane, stable, and wise approach to food, health, and sustainability.

Join now for an in-depth conversation and step-by-step tactics to heal your relationship with food, cultivate a loving relationship with your own body, and unleash more vibrant health on every level. 


  • 20 modules with  videos, handouts, worksheets, and journaling exercises.
  • Weekly email reminders and module summary.
  • Transform your relationship with food and your own body
  • Embrace decadence, not deprivation!
  • Participate in food culture that is deeply healing for people and planet.
  • Understand the langue of your body and learn to gracefully honor its needs. 
  • Become a wise and loving caretaker of your body and brain.
  • Tips on when to seek further, professional support fo food sensitivities, digestive healing and mysterious halt conditions. 
  • Stop the spiraling health problems you've been experiencing for too long. 
  • Lifetime access!
  • Guaranteed you'll love it or your money back. 
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