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In this Do-It-Yourself program, we’ll guide you through a Foundational Foods Reset, and give you tons of support to build new routines with food into your life. Lifetime access and opportunity to join our NEW Facebook community!   


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NEW! Facebook Community for All Nourish + Flow members!

We're so excited to finally have place for ongoing conversation, community and support for the Nourish + Flow program. This adds HUUUUGE value to the DIY version of Nourish + Flow! Join now as a Founding Member of our brand new Facebook Community. Whether you join Nourish + Flow DIY, a live group, you are invited to join the Facebook group (no extra charge - it's included in your N+F enrollment)!

Delicious + Decadent Foundational Foods Reset

Fun with Food

BREAKING NEWS: Halfway through the Nourish + Flow Foundational Foods Reset, reports from participants that they're running around their kitchens chanting "More Veggies!! More Veggies!! More Veggies!!!" Whole families are getting in on it. 

What a Hoot! 

Time for a reboot

Most of us don't have an interest in a perfectly pristine diet and lifestyle at all times. We often push our boundaries too far and then start to fall apart, feel cruddy, and in need of a reboot. The deeply nourishing, Foundational Food Reset is a spectacular way to get back on track, and learn what your body loves, learn what deep, deep nourishment is all about.

Deep Nourishment

People often think of this sort of thing as deprivation, limitation, elimination but the Foundational Foods Reset couldn't be further from that. It's massive, verging on hilarious, levels of delicious, decadent, deeply nourishing, wholesome foods that reprogram your body to thrive. 

Diversify Your Diet with Superfoods + Wiggle Room Foods. 

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What if 3 months from now...?

  • What if your digestive system felt better?
  • What if you were less stressed?
  • What if you slept better?
  • What if your weren't insatiably hungry all the time?
  • What if your joints and muscles didn't hurt?
  • What if your breathing improved?
  • What if you felt more present in your body, less frantic, and more stable in every way?
  • What if you had more energy?
  • What if you didn't get hives, or skin breaks outs?
  • What if you didn't have uncontrollable sugar cravings?
  • What if chemicals like perfume and mold didn't send you into a tailspin?
  • What if headaches were a thing of the past?
  • What if you woke up feeling good?
  • What if you weren't so inflamed?
  • What if you had hope that the improvements could continue?

Learn how your body works, why it breaks, and what you can do about it.  

We know it works because this is exactly where we start all of our private clients. 

  • Upgrade food strategies with a Foundational Foods Reset
  • Build in structures so wholesome eating is easy and fun.
  • Confront whatever your barriers may be and find solutions you love.
  • Detoxify your bath and body products, and your food to avoid random chemicals blocking your health and healing. 
  • Support you to understand what your symptoms mean, what your body needs, and how to meet those needs. 
  • Diversify the diet with Superfoods and Wiggle Room Foods.
  • Celebrate delicious, nourishing, healing foods so the journey is fun. 
  • Identify sources of stress and decide where and how to reduce stress.
  • Identify your healing priorities and preparing you for transformation. 
  • Recommend lab testing when needed.
  • Recommend supplements when needed.
I'm in!

Your Nourish + Flow transformation is empowered by our proven three-part system. 

Body Wisdom

Understand and honor the needs of your body
  • Learn the the elegant language your body speaks to you in, the language of symptoms.
  • Learn what your body is telling you it needs.
  • Learn to support your digestion, blood sugar, detoxification, and stress systems. 

Food Wisdom

Foundational Foods Reset + Diet Diversity
  • Learn to reset when you become out of balance.
  • Understand and practice the foundations for a delicious, decadent, deeply nourishing, whole foods diet. 
  • Expand into wiggle room foods and superfoods and create diet diversity. 
  • Use wholesome foods to respond to your symptoms. Give your body what it needs to be more stable, feel better and be more reliable. 

Food Flow

Activate Daily + Weekly Food Flow 
  • Gracefully create a new food routine. 
  • Create the structures so that eating wholesome, real foods that you love is easy and in flow.
  • Start with Breakfast Flow and work into a full day and week food flow practices that make it easy to get deeply nourished.  
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Tackle stress, sugar, digestion, and  detoxification.

Common mistakes on a nutritional healing journey...

Have you ever tried to address a health issue on your own? Did you throw a supplement it? Did you throw a diet at it? Maybe a medication? Did it work? Did you feel how you wanted to feel in the end? Were you able to stick with it? Did it even matter?

Move beyond the haphazard approach. Move beyond the food fad frenzy. 

Unwinding, stabilizing, and overcoming complex health problems requires an organized system and that is exactly what you will experience in Nourish + Flow. 

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Join me in a food culture that is fun, delicious, decadent, and deeply healing for People + Planet.

What's the NEW Facebook Community all about?

This is private group for members of the Nourish + Flow program only. This group is launching April 1, 2023 (no joke). We envision a group for inspiration, encouragement and curiosity around the:

1. Foundational Foods Reset
2. Superfoods + Wiggle Room Foods
3. Preparing for Food Flow
4. Activating Your Food Flow
5. Body Wisdom - Stress, Sugar, Digestion, and Detoxification.
6. Food Culture
7. The role of Food Culture in personal health and planetary sustainability.

I'm excited to finally have a place for all members to participate, engage, and deepen your ongoing Nourish + Flow lifestyle. I'll be there with you answering questions and supporting your Nourish + Flow journey. 

What I have learned over the years of supporting people through the Nourish + Flow process is that it works sooooo much better in a group, as a community, not alone. Even if you join the DIY version of Nourish + Flow, this group will give you community and support around the entire process so you will never feel alone. Welcome to the NEW Nourish + Flow community!

Confused about what to eat + how to structure your meals?

There is so much random diet info out there. Learn to rise above the food fad frenzy and sensibly nourish yourself deeply with wholesome real foods that work for you. 

Seeking answers to manage your chronic health conditions?

Whether you're trying avoid going on medications, or you want to calm down spiraling health issues, now you'll have the foundational tools you need. 

The Nourish + Flow Lifestyle

Nourish + Flow is not a diet. It is real nutrition education that will give you tools to support your health for years to come. Coupled with elegant strategies to nourish yourself deeply and navigate life's ups and downs with more ease, Nourish + Flow is a uniquely joyous embrace of the healing power of wholesome food. 

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I created Nourish + Flow because I used to be exhausted, overwhelmed, and in pain. I didn't even realize how I felt wasn't normal. I thought everyone felt this way, and I certainly had no idea how to recover or lift myself out of it until I began piecing it together with the basic foundations necessary for recovery that you'll experience Nourish + Flow.

I know what it's like to have spiraling health problems and HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S causing them, what's normal, or what to do about it.

I went to doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists. I did yoga, tried changing my diet...but nothing worked until I understood the situation more comprehensively and took a higher view of the situation. We all know, a piecemeal approach might get pieces of solutions, but it doesn't get us FULLY stable. 

In Nourish + Flow, you will learn the tactics I used to heal myself from out of control sugar binges (and the spiraling problems that causes), and a digestive system that wasn't working right in a number of ways (and all the spiraling that causes) and hundreds of clients experiencing similar disconnection from the life they wanted to be leading.

By making the connection between the food we eat, the stress we endure, the toxicity we're exposed to, and how well our digestion and sugar handling systems work, I'll show you how to take control of your symptoms and reclaim your future.  

Your Invitation Awaits!  

Join now for an in-depth conversation and step-by-step tactics to heal your relationship with food, cultivate a loving relationship with your own body, and unleash more vibrant health on every level. Are you ready for an amazing transformation?  

Space is limited in our group programs so be on the lookout for our next announcement. Join the newsletter so you don't miss it

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In this Do-It-Yourself program, we’ll guide you through a Foundational Foods Reset, and give you tons of support to build new routines with food into your weekly or daily life, or as we like to call it, finding food flow!    

  • Self-paced DIY program
  • 20 modules plus videos, handouts, journaling, + worksheets.
  • A complete system to transform your relationship with your own body and food.
  • Stop struggling with annoying digestive problems and overreactions to food and chemicals.
  • Take Nourish + Flow to prepare for our Digestive Deep Healing Program. (After Nourish + Flow, you might not need it though.)  
  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to make wise food choices that will improve and stabilize your health for years to come
  • Lifetime access to the online Nourish + Flow program!
  • Guaranteed you'll love it or your money back. 
  • NEW! Join now and be a Founding Member of our brand new Facebook community for Nourish + Flow members only!


I want to get started!

Join Nourish + Flow to find joy, ease, and flow in your food life, while addressing chronic health conditions!

In this elegant and life changing online course, we share the proven formula used for ourselves and with hundreds of clients, to reverse food sensitivities, heal digestion, calm chronic pain, improve insulin sensitivity, rebalance hormones, and overcome exhaustion and brain fog.

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Nourish + Flow Curriculum

Part I: Body Wisdom

Part II: Food Wisdom

Part III: Prep for Food Flow

Part IV: Activate Food Flow

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We don't offer the next best fad diet or latest biohack. What we do offer is a sane, stable, and wise approach to food, health, and sustainability.


Save my Spot!

Less than 1 month on the Foundational Foods Reset and my unrelenting digestive pain and troubles of alls sorts was gone! AND, my excruciating menstrual cramps were gone as well, even in that short amount of time. Unbelievable. I thought I had tried everything. 


Steamboat Springs, CO

I highly recommend taking Liz's online nutritional program. Nourish + Flow breaks everything down for you, step-by-step, making it easy for you to create healthier lifestyle habits that can be sustainable. One of the things I love about this program is that it's comprehensive; teaching you everything you need to know to improve your overall health and wellbeing. And, If you struggle with any type of chronic illness, this program is for you. It's exactly what I've been searching for, for years.


I love the concept of symptoms as communication from our body, and that addressing root cause of symptoms helps avoid chronic disease.


The realization that my body is not my enemy!


Nourish + Flow is what you've been looking for. A thoughtful, kind and gentle approach to helping clients discover the rewards of the nourished life. So many clients are intimidated by harsh programs. This gentle approach is a nice fit for me.


Buena Vista, CO

The content is perfect. I loved all of it. I am so impressed with the program. You have made an easily accessible and easy-to-understand-framework program. It has helped me take back control of my relationship with food, all for the purpose of optimal health and fitness. Thank you.



One of my very favorite things, is that it's done in bite sized pieces with step-by-step instructions making it very doable. After each module you will know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. I think it's this simplicity that is really setting someone up for success. ...and not to mention it's aesthetically beautiful.


Glastonbury, CT

Who needs sugar when you can have duck fat? If you walk in with an open mind and let the program do its magic, there is no way you will complete Liz’s modules without having changed your relationship with food. 

Sign up for this program if you are seeking guidance on how to make food a more meaningful part of your life, if you want to experience food as a celebration rather than a chore, as a privilege rather than a punishment. You will learn to appreciate its value as a substance that nourishes, is deeply satisfying, and worth prioritizing. Once you give it the time it deserves, everything falls into place. While you may learn it is best to give some things up, you will quickly discover that the vacancies left behind will be filled with a variety of evermore satisfying and sustaining options. It is simple and strategic, you will leave with a formula that has the potential to stick for the better part of your, now much longer🤞🏻, life.  

Liz’s program is much more than a how to, it is a structured philosophy on how humans can and should be in relationship with what they eat. It gives you the tools to sensibly navigate every decision or choice that can be made in the process of nourishing yourself and those you love.

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