Food Sensitivity Testing

Identify foods causing inflammation in your body & brain. Gain more food freedom. Release mysterious discomfort, chronic pain and inflammation. An excellent way to begin your healing process.

Why do Food Sensitivities Matter?

The philosophy behind this package is that inflammation is a driver for most chronic conditions. In order to reduce symptoms and reverse chronic health conditions, we must identify and remove factors causing inflammation. This test helps us identify which foods and chemicals are causing an inflammatory reaction. The body can't heal when it is over-inflamed. Investigating and removing food sensitivity foods is of vital importance in the healing process. 

Review Your Test Results In Detail

In this video, Liz reviews her own MRT results. Watch the video to find out exactly why she was having a super mysterious reaction to wine and why the food sensitivity test created more FOOD FREEDOM, not less. When you book this package, we will do the same sort of in-depth investigation for you!


Why We Love This Package

I love this package because it gives people the answers they are looking for, improves their relationship with food, and makes them feel better quickly. I have seen  all kinds of symptoms melt away when inflammatory foods are removed. I love seeing people  take charge and get results. I also love that this can become a catalyst to do even deeper healing work. Once people see how well this works, they often are ready to take the next steps to reduce food reactivity more permanently.  

Who's It Good For

Does it seem like everything you eat causes inflammation or discomfort or pain of some sort? Hives, bumps on the tongue, joint pain, migraines, nerve or muscle pain, skin breakouts, belly aches and more can be caused by food sensitivity reactions. Do you have ongoing digestive issues or unexplained symptoms? This package is for you. 


"This test explained a lot. I had been breaking out in hives and getting painful bumps on my tongue. I felt like every meal caused some sort of issues. I just couldn't figure out what foods to eat without reacting. Liz help me understand exactly what the results meant and supported me as I changed my diet. I feel so much better!"

"I had a lifetime of painful, embarrassing and unpredictable digestive issues. Liz masterfully combined food sensitivity support with digestive healing. I have never felt better. I had no idea I didn't have to live like that." 

"I find it shocking that removing food sensitivity foods so significantly reduced my stress levels. I can feel in body how the two are connected. Thank you! I am so relieved." 

"I don't need a nap after every meal. Enough said!"